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Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Guilherme Eddino (1986) is, among several definitions, an artist. As hybrid and elastic as the city in which he was born, Guilherme allows himself to shoot in all directions without ceasing to be a target himself. He has always allowed himself to explore different techniques and styles and, just like his idols, ranging from David Bowie to Lenine, reinventing himself with no limitations.

Songwriting came up early, at the age of 17, and some of the material he wrote at that time surfaced in Burnt Papers (2021), an EP recorded at his home during the COVID-19 pandemic. But his own material was kickstarted by his albums Pulsar  (2012) and Tremor  (2015), parts of a trilogy that explores alternative rock, electronica and Brazilian influences, featuring singer Cida Moreira and Portuguese guitarist Pedro Jóia. His output got him a spot at the Converse Rubber Tracks project and at the festival organized by Projeto Bandas Novas, which also awarded him the prize for Best Lyrics for the song “Febre”. The track also appeared on the list of the 100 Best National Songs of the year, organized by the website O Embrulhador.

In addition to his career as a singer and composer, Guilherme also gives his interpretation to the work of other artists. In 2016, he took the stage at Teatro da Rotina, in São Paulo, to present "Blue", a tribute to the homonymous album by Canadian singer Joni Mitchell, and in 2017 he performed a piano/voice tribute to the 70th birthday of David Bowie at Family Mob Studio. He has also traveled the state frequently as a founding member of Radiohead Cover Brasil since 2012. Among his works as an arranger, producer and music director, he has collaborated with several artists such as BërëRicardo AlvesDaniel KenyLucas Scandura and bands Musidora and O Vão e o Véu.

Photo by Isabelle Andrade

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